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Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

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Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

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Peel and reveal a new you!!!

If you're looking for a soft and smooth skin, look no further. Our Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion is the perfect way to achieve your ideal skin.

This lotion works to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities. It is designed to exfoliate your skin and leave it soft, smooth, clean and bright.

Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion is a peeling lotion that is made with natural high quality ingredients. This product will make your skin fresh, smooth, and glowing like never before. It can also help to minimize pores and reduce blemishes on the skin. The Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion has been formulated with a blend of essential oils that are known to be beneficial for the skin. These include orange oil, lemon oil, tangerine oil, mandarin oil, grapefruit oil and many more. This lotion can be used by both men and women as well as by people with all types of skin types including sensitive ones.

This lotion would not just impurities in your skin but it also moisturizes and  helps to keep your skin firm and smooth while cleansing and removing dead skin cells. The lotion also helps with acne and blackheads.

This Korean Orange Peeling Lotion is guaranteed to give you a radiant glow!

Take a Look on an Excellent Testimonies From Our Satisfied Customers Who Used Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

“I'm a big fan of peeling lotions, so when I saw this one at a local drugstore, I was instantly intrigued. The bottle promises skin renewal and exfoliation in just 1 minute! The lotion itself smells really fresh and citrus-y, not too overpowering but definitely noticeable. It's also very easy to apply—just put some on your fingertips and rub them into your face and all over your skin  until they start to dry out.

After using this product for a few weeks, my skin really feels softer than ever before. It's not red or irritated at all, just… smoother. And the best part is that this product makes my skin look younger without any other kind of treatment or makeup—it just looks like I spent a relaxing day at the spa”!- Jaimee, 27, California

“I'm a part-time model and I want my skin to look as smooth and blemish-free as possible. I've tried many lotions, but nothing has worked as well as Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion. It's super gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturized without being greasy or oily. I also have very sensitive skin and this product doesn't cause irritation, which is really nice”.

“I use it every day after showering, and it makes my skin look so much better!”- Scarlet, 25, Winnipeg

Why Does  a Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion An Excellent Addition  To Your Skin Care Routine?

Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion is an innovative Korean skin care brand that specializes in creating products that are both effective and luxurious. Their line of peeling lotions are some of the most popular products from the brand, and their orange peeling lotion is no exception.


The Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion is a product that has been designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for a way to achieve a younger looking appearance. It has been designed to be able to provide the benefits that you need in order to get your skin looking its best, and it is something that will provide you with a way to get rid of any issues that you may have been having with your skin.

The Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion offers many different benefits, including helping you remove dead skin cells from your face so that it can look smoother and more youthful. 

The Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion provides users with an easy way to cleanse their skin without using harsh chemicals or other products that could irritate their skin even further than they already are. This makes this product ideal for those who have sensitive skin because they won't have any problems when using this product on their face every day!

It is formulated with 160% more vitamin C than any other exfoliating product on the market, so it's guaranteed to make your skin look brighter and healthier than it ever has before.The product contains Vitamin A and E, which are known to help with cell turnover and prevent signs of aging. 

What are The Key Ingredients and How Do They Work?

  • Orange Extract: A natural antioxidant that provides anti-aging benefits.

  • Glycerin: A skin-softening ingredient that helps hydrate skin and lock in moisture.
  • Panthenol- it is an ingredient that moisturizes skin and makes it feel softer. It also helps reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne, which results in a more even appearance.

  • Sodium hyaluronate- it binds water to the skin, which helps prevent dehydration and flaking of the epidermis.
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract: This ingredient works in conjunction with Vitamin C and Orange Extract to help brighten, soothe, and reduce inflammation and irritation on your face.

Take a Look At Sylvia’s Ultimate Experience With Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion 

Week 1: 

 I have been using the Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion for a week now, and I’ve noticed that my skin is softer and more hydrated. I use this product every other day to help maintain that smooth texture.

Week 2: 

 It has been two weeks now since I started using Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion, and my skin is still smooth and hydrated. I use it every other day in the morning before applying makeup, and it’s gentle enough that it doesn’t cause irritation or redness. It also smells great!

Week 3: 

 After three weeks of using Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion, my skin feels smoother than ever! It makes my skin feel soft and smooth without drying it out like some exfoliating products can do. The scent of citrus is so lovely—I love waking up to it each morning!

I would recommend this product to anyone who has acne-prone or sensitive skin because it does not irritate your skin like other peeling lotions do.

Excellent Benefits of Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion 

  • Effectively removes dead skin, keratin and dirt from hands and feet, brighten skin tone
  • Deeply moisturize the skin layer and prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Help keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated throughout the day
  • Revealing the fresh new ones underneath
  • Help balance out oil production and reduce breakouts
  • Help you promote healthy cell production
  • Improve the texture of your skin
  • Ideal for all skin types and can be used as often as necessary
  • Brighten your complexion while helping protect against sun damage

How to Use

  1. Wet your skin
  2. Apply the product to the skin
  3. 15-20 minutes after application, peel off gently
  4. Rinse well


  • Product name: Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion 
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Storage: dry and cool place

Product Includes

1x Vitamin+ Korean Orange Peeling Lotion

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