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Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

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Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say About Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

“I used to eat a mountain of snacks during my youth, however, my body’s ability to metabolize has decreased as I got older. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to stop my eating and drinking habits which caused me to gain so much weight. I was heavily overweight. However, the Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock helped me detox and shed weight. I saw the numbers on the scale drop and my clothes that were once tight became loose and even baggy on me. I feel like a new man all thanks to this product.” -Alphonse, 33, Louisiana

“I’ve always been a chubby girl even when I was a child. However, now as an adult, my fat doesn’t let me do lots of things from tying out cute dresses and even simply moving around without my behind knocking over things. Luckily, I was able to lose all of that fat all thanks to the Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock!” -Yohan, 32, Maine 

Alternative Medicine: Hidden Healthcare Gem

We are all familiar with the pills and medicines that are used to treat many ailments. Traditional medicines have been rigorously tested and performed to the highest ethical and sanitary standards to date. These medical procedures are usually the last resort for ailments that won’t just go away.

However, many doctors and pathologists recommend not taking medicines for every single ailment to avoid bacterial resistance as well as to protect your body from harsh and frequent medicinal use. This is where Alternative Medicine comes into play.

Alternative Medicine is a term for medical products and practices that are not a part of the standard medicinal care. Similar to traditional medicine, alternative medicine has various practices that would be beneficial for the mind-body, mind only, and body (as well as whole and specific parts of the body). Such an example of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy was developed in Germany in the late 17th century. It is a medical system aimed to restore the body’s innate flow. Homeopathy improves a person’s overall being, which includes the changing of behaviors that prevent maladaptive coping. It also helps strengthen the body. 

Tourmaline: Health Stone

Tourmaline has a rich history; in Africa, it has been used to awaken someone in a “dream-like illusion”. In ancient India, Tourmaline has been used to help bring insight and discovery and ward off evil. 

In modern times, alternative medicinal research has been greatly researched. Tourmaline has multiple benefits:

Benefits to the body

  • Improves digestive health
  • Strengthens teeth and bones
  • Treats adrenal disorders
  • Increases physical energy (beneficial for day-to-day functioning) 
  • Decreases arthritis pain
  • Protects your overall health against electromagnetic pollution 
  • Decreases gastrointestinal blockages, which is beneficial for weight loss  

Emotional and Psychological Health

  • Increases empathy and sympathy 
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Forges understanding
  • Increases tenacity and resilience
  • Blocks and disrupts invasive thoughts
  • Helps cope with trauma
  • Tempers panic attacks
  • Decreases anxiety and mental stress
  • Improves flexibility of thought
  • Calming and soothing
  • Helps foster reconciliation
  • Stabilizes mental health
  • Reduces the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts)

With that in mind, the Tourmaline Slimming Health  Sock…

The Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock is the pinnacle of non-invasive homeopathy. The is worn like a normal sock which has the benefits of:

  • Decreasing gastrointestinal blockages
  • Increasing satiation and decreasing cravings
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of depression
  • Improves energy levels
  • Improves lymphatic flow
  • Improves detoxification and bowel movements
  • Improves overall health and immunity
  • Improves mental and physical resilience
  • Improves posture
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Increases sweating (which leads to calorie burning) 
  • Removes odors from sweat and other conditions 

Regina’s Life-Changing Experience with the Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock

Before Use

“Though I’m not fat per se, I do hate my love handles and the chub on my stomach. Luckily, I got my hands on the Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock. I’m  a busy woman who runs a daycare center and I don’t have time to work out, let alone have the money to buy those expensive organic foods.”

Month 1

“I can’t believe I started fitting into my clothes again. Whenever I wear the sock, it gave my body this heating sensation but it doesn’t feel overly hot, the heat is similar to a light exercise. I also noticed that I don’t eat as much as I do. I used to be able to eat the lunch I usually pack but I couldn’t even finish half of it. Despite the lessened amount of calories, I was able to still function normally without feeling dizzy!”  

Month 6 Onwards

“The Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock helped me lose 2 pounds. All I needed to do was wear socks. The socks are easy to use, washable, and quick drying, and I use them every day! I can’t believe that I don’t have to do workouts voluntarily and consciously subject myself to eating fewer calories, I just naturally started eating less! In the end, I lost quite some pounds and I’m happy with my progress!”

How to Use

  • Wash and dry your feet.
  • Wear the Tourmaline Slimming Health Sock, like a normal sock.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Do not step on wet tiles to prevent accidents.
  • To Wash
    • Do not bleach
    • Either hand wash or machine washing is fine 
    • Dryer safe 


  • Material: Tourmaline, Polyester Cotton
  • Colors: Red, Black, White
  • Occasions: Hiking, Formal, Informal, Casual
  • Audience: All
  • Age: Teens, Adults

Package Includes

  • x 1/2/3/5/10 Tourmaline Slimming Health Socks (1 Pair) 
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