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New Kojic Acid Whitening Soap

New Kojic Acid Whitening Soap

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New Kojic Acid Whitening Soap

New Kojic Acid Whitening Soap

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Are You Ready for a Brilliant, Glowing and Silky Soft Skin?

Give your face and body the natural glow and feel noticeably lighter with the best whitening product in town all from this Kojic Acid Whitening Soap! Whether you have uneven tone, acne scars, sun spots, and dark armpits, this is the right one for you!  

Find Out Our Happy Customers Notable Proofs Using This Kojic Acid Whitening Soap

Kojic is an amazing soap! I was not a believer not until I tried it for myself months ago right before I graduated! I used to have dark spots and uneven skin tone and no other skincare product could help. And then I found the Kojic soap with thousands positive review. And look now! All my dark spots is gone and my skin look much more brighter! I love this very much!!”

Jane, Age 23
Los Angeles, California


Victoria had these stubborn dark patch on her armpits that didn’t seem to go away no matter what she used. But she is very much thankful now after finally having found the best solution to her skin problem. Glad you tried this Vic! 

After about two weeks of using Kojic  Acid Whitening Soap, I noticed the significant result right away. The spots seemed to be lightening up and there was no irritation or whatsoever. I got no shame on lifting my arms anymore! It was a refreshing experience for me!!”

Victoria, Age 42
Los Angeles, California

What You Need to Know About Kojic Acid and Its Amazing Skin Benefits

Whitening soaps have been very abundant in the market and millions of people are raving about it. Kojic bars have been one of the most sought after solutions to gain popularity in the market due its unbelievable effect on the skin. Then how does it work?

It  is made from several various types of fungi and a by-product of fermented sake, soy sauce and rice wine. This soap is  formulated  to lighten the visible sun damage, age spots, scars, uneven skin tone. It contains highly conclusive ingredients such as Kojic Acid which is a potent skin brightener that inhibits melanin production, Vitamin E that has anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants  that fights effects of radicals to help heal scars and softens skin, and Coconut Oil that cleanses  and nourishes  skin as it removes the dead cells  and build up below surface layer.

Strong Points of Using Kojic Acid Whitening Soap Daily

  • Improves the appearance of age spots, acne marks, uneven skin tone and other skin issues.
  • Makes the appearance of scars less noticeable 
  • Has an antifungal benefits that helps in treating certain infections and allergies brought about by fungus 
  • Deeply cleanses and nourishes your skin by removing  dead skin cells, eliminating unwanted impurities such a blackheads, whiteheads and flakes
  • Can help reduce the formation of bacterial infection
  • Works effectively on all the areas of the body that needs improvement

How to Effectively Use Kojic Acid Whitening Soap?

When applied on the face:

  1. Carefully wet the soap with water.
  2. Massage the lather  on your face, keeping away from your eyes and mouth.
  3. Wash your face  with cold water after half a minute. 
  4. Pat dry your face with a clean towel or cloth.

When use on the body:

  1. Cleanse your body with water.
  2. Rub the soap all over then let it rest for about 2-5minutes.
  3. Wash off the lather with cold water.
  4. Pat dry the body with a clean towel or cloth.


  • Net Weight: 100 grams
  • Type: soap


Product Includes

1 / 2 / 3 x Kojic Acid Whitening Soap 

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